Achieve Cross-Border Commodity Trade in Shorter Time Periods, Revolutionizing your Trade Cycles​

The Comdex Platform allows traders to circumvent traditional methods of international commodity trade by offering the use of a blockchain based settlement platform that reduces the duration of a normal trading cycle.


Future of Commodity Trade is Here

Comdex is disrupting the $17 Trillion Commodity Trade industry by shortening trade cycles and increasing order discovery. The Comdex Settlement platform not only consolidates verified commodity sell offers, but also allows for traders to deposit fiat into or withdraw fiat from the platform at near-instant speeds with the help of the cUSD and Comdex's banking network.

Comdex Global Vision

Comdex envisions a world where global commodity trade is seamless and nearly-automated. In order to achieve its vision, Comdex plans to expand its Settlement network to major trading hubs in every continent upon the completion of the Comdex Pilot program.


How Comdex Works

The Comdex settlement platform enables commodity sellers to place sell offers while allowing commodity buyers to use cUSD to make purchases.​ The process of a commodity trade settlement on the Comdex platform involves the participation of a trader who is selling a commodity, a buyer of said commodity and the Comdex Administrator.​

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