Trust the meat
you eat.

Ethically raised meat, delivered directly from your local farm.

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How it Works

You select the meat products you want

Pick and choose packages. Orders submitted by Sunday at midnight will be delivered on Thursday.


We source the best meat from local farms.

We have high standards for our partner farms. All of the meat is raised on pasture with no antibiotics, no hormones and no chemicals.


Meat is shipped directly from the farm to your door.

Your order is sent directly to a local farm where it is packaged for delivery. Your meat arrives in an insulated box so it stays frozen.

Our Mission

Farm First Thinking

Small farms have been squeezed by a long supply chain. We're changing a broken system, and connecting you directly with local and small scale family farms. We're putting farms first.

Ethically Raised Meat

Animals should eat what they were born to eat. Our animals are raised the natural way without chemicals, antibiotics or hormones on small scale family farms.

Local Communities

We connect you to products from your nearest farm because we care about local food movements and sustainable food distribution. You deserve to know exactly where your meat came from.

Our Products

Prime Cut AAA Striploin Beef Steak


Prime Cut AAA Striploin Beef Steak


Prime Cut AAA Striploin Beef Steak