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First Steps

Thanks for making the decision to hop on board with us! The first step of Roompact implementation is a kickoff call in which you’ll meet your implementation lead, talk to us about your goals and timeline for Roompact, and get to know our system. Once you connect us with a technical contact for single sign-on and roster updates, your technical integration will begin as well (documentation here). This page is an onboarding guide designed to walk you through the next steps and important knowledge for your first few months using Roompact.

I’d also like to introduce you to Wolfie, our friendly neighborhood tour guide. He’ll pop up from time to time to give you useful tips.

Wolfie Wisdom

This guide is best read in sequential order, scrolling down the page. Feel free to share it with others at your school who will be involved in the implementation process. We're so happy you're here!

What Happens Next

Staff Import

We'll show you how to create accounts for staff who should have Administrator-level access in Roompact. Later, depending on when you'd like Hall Directors and RAs to have access, we'll ask you for a spreadsheet of HDs and RAs so that we can bulk-import the remaining staff for you.


Wolfie Wisdom

Remember, there are three levels of staff in Roompact: administrator (all-access), hall director (building access), and resident advisor (floor access). Staff are added individually through Account Management or via a bulk import by Roompact staff.

Housing Management Integration

We’ll work with your tech team to integrate with your housing management software (HMS) and set up automated roster updates from your HMS to Roompact. We usually schedule these to run nightly so that Roompact is updated by the morning.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

If you use a single sign-on system, we’ll work with your tech team to integrate it with Roompact so that users can log in with their university credentials. Roompact currently supports the following single sign-on technologies: CAS, Shibboleth, and ADFS.

Structure Import and Resident Import

When we receive the first batch of resident assignment data, we’ll import your campus structure and check with you that it looks okay. After that, with your go-ahead, we’ll import resident information. You can choose when you'd like us to send welcome emails out to residents.

Plan Staff Training

Our pre-made training presentations will be helpful. If you've purchased on-campus pro staff training, a Roompact team member will be reaching out to coordinate dates. To maximize staff buy-in, develop a training plan and encourage staff to take an active role in exploring Roompact.

Setup and Template Creation

If you're using Forms or custom Roommate Agreements, you'll need to build templates for staff or residents to fill out. You may also want to create shifts in Schedule and add useful links in Resources. Our tutorials and your implementation lead will be available to help with questions.

Roompact Menu Tour

Let's get you acquainted with the Roompact platform. Below you'll find an interactive preview of your Roompact staff dashboard. Click on items to see their descriptions and tutorial links, and learn how to navigate Roompact.

  •    Hub
  •    View Buildings
  •    Forms
  •    Schedule
  •    Events
  •    Resources
  •    Account Management

Click on an item in the menu for details.

The Hub

The Hub is a communication system that connects Roompact users at your school by displaying system events and discussion posts.

  • Users can write discussion posts at a specific permission level and reply to others.
  • System event posts are automatically generated when staff take certain actions, such as an RA posting a staff note on a room’s timeline.
Hub Tutorials

View Buildings / Campus Layout

Here users will be able to view of all the campus locations they have access to.

  • Users can "zoom in" from the birds-eye campus view to an individual room or resident.
  • Staff can leave comments, only visible to staff, for documentation of roommate conflicts, resident concerns, or casual conversations.
  • Color-coded room statuses can be set to indicate the state of a room or its residents.
  • Roommate agreements can be viewed from the room page.
Campus Layout Tutorials
Training Presentation on Staff Notes


Forms is a highly flexible system that can replace many paper-based processes, such as duty logs and intentional conversation records.

  • Processes that require searching for and tagging buildings, rooms, topics, learning outcomes, staff, or residents are good candidates for Forms.
  • Users can create templates, set up permissions for each template, and create form subscriptions for staff members or email addresses.
(571) 555-0007
Training Presentation on Forms


Schedule is a centralized shift tracking tool with the ability to facilitate shift trades and record day off requests.

  • Administrators can create shift regions to indicate duty areas based off of building groupings, create individual shifts that reflect the duty schedule in each shift region, and approve shift trades.
  • Student staff can propose shift trades and will receive a weekly email with their upcoming schedule.
(240) 221-6270


Events is a tool for proposal and evaluation of events with a built-in approval queue.

  • Student staff can propose events and supervisors can approve them, or supervisors can assign mandatory events.
  • Your department can choose to use the built-in simple staff assessment or create a more complex assessment in Forms.
Training Presentation on Events (Student Staff)


Microsurveys is a powerful module for surveying large groups of residents via text or email.

  • Short surveys can be scheduled in advance and sent out to select buildings through Roompact.
  • This feature is only accessible to administrators.
Microsurveys Tutorial

Message Center

Message Center is a centralized tool for communication with residents via text and/or email.

  • Staff can enter a particular building, floor, room, or resident in the "To" field to easily send to groups of residents.
  • Replies from residents will show up in the Inbox and on the Hub.


Staff can use the Resources tab to maintain a list of related links in their Roompact dashboard.

  • Links can be designated as staff-facing or resident-facing resources.
  • Only administrators can create resource links.
  • Examples of resources include staff manuals, residential policies, links to other institution services, and other useful reference materials.
Resources Tutorial

Roommate Agreement Templates

Administrators can navigate here to create roommate agreement templates to distribute to residents.

  • You may want to emulate a current paper agreement or use the Roompact Default agreement (found 8139205439.)
  • If creating a template of your own, we recommend outlining questions in a spreadsheet, then entering them into the agreement template system.
Roommate Agreement Tutorials
Training Presentation on Roommate Agreements

Set Roommate Agreements

Use this tool to set roommate agreements to buildings for residents to fill out.

  • If different buildings need different roommate agreement templates, you can specify which buildings should receive each template.
  • Make sure to set agreement templates before residents move in. They will not be notified when agreements are set.
Roommate Agreement Tutorials
Training Presentation on Roommate Agreements

Roommate Agreements Unsigned

Check which and how many roommate agreements remain unsigned.

Roommate Agreement Tutorials
(559) 224-4654

Account Management

Administrators can add, edit, or delete staff accounts in Account Management.

  • Resident accounts should not be edited from here, as any changes will be overwritten by the nightly automatic roster updates from your housing management software.
  • Staff accounts are not deleted automatically, so any changes must be made manually in Account Management.
Account Management Tutorial

Notification Settings

Set notification settings for the following:

  • room status changes
  • roommate agreement changes
  • resident notes
  • unsigned agreements
Notification Settings Tutorial

Profile Settings

Here a user can change the following:

  • profile photo
  • phone number
  • password (if your school doesn't use single sign-on)

View Previous Years

If you've been with Roompact for multiple years, you can use this tool to switch between the current term and archived terms.

  • Only administrators and hall directors can view previous years.
  • Be sure not to enter data in a past term, as this will not carry over to the new term.


Announcements from Roompact staff. You'll get a notification when announcements are posted, but if you'd like to look back at an announcement that you've dismissed, you can find it here.


You can use this option to turn on Accessibility Mode for a higher-contrast version of the Roompact platform.


A link to all the tutorial posts in our community forum.

Community Forum

A link to the main page of our community forum, with training material, documentation, user discussions, announcements, and the option to ask questions of Roompact users or staff.

Support Email

Our support channel,, is the way to contact us for any time-sensitive request.

Questions and Answers

Roompact Usage

What if I have a few more staff to add after you've already done the bulk staff import?
We can help add extra staff if you prefer, but you actually have the ability to do so yourself. All you need to do is create an account for the new staff member in Account Management. If you use single sign-on, be sure to enter a unique identifier in the Unique ID field (if you're not sure what this is, contact us!).
What is the Roompact Default Roommate Agreement?
If you don't create and distribute a custom roommate agreement, the Roompact Default Agreement will be distributed for residents to fill out. You can see a copy of it here.
What do I do if a resident's email/student ID/phone number is incorrect in Roompact?
The information in Roompact is based on the roster updates we receive from your housing management system. To fix the issue in Roompact, you'll need to correct it in your HMS.
What's that red "Alert Staff" button in the top right corner of my Roompact platform?
That's a feature you can use to rapidly send an alert message to a particular staff member or to the staff members associated with a resident, room, floor, or building. You can read more about it 505-827-9284.
We're using the Message Center / Microsurveys to send texts to residents. How can residents opt out?
If they reply "STOP" to the text messages, they will no longer receive them.

Support and Services

What happens to our data from year to year? / What's a rollover?
Roompact uses a process we call a rollover. At the end of every school year, all your data will be archived, and your Roompact organization will be "rolled over" to a fresh instance. Data from archived previous years will still be accessible using our "Switch Years" functionality.
Can I request a special report on my institution's usage of a particular feature?
We're able to fulfill many types of custom report requests, so email us at 908-287-4562 and we'll see what we can do.
I'm having a major issue with the software. What do I do?
Let us know at 7792873513. The more details you give, the easier it'll be for us to locate the problem.
How long does it take to get a response from
During business hours (CST), we typically reply within an hour. More complex issues may take a little longer.
How do I book a residential curriculum workshop or consulting?
You can read more about our consulting services here, then reach out to

About Our Company

Does Roompact have a mission statement?
We call ours the Roompact Pact, and you can 214-305-1775.
How long has Roompact been in business?
We've been around since 2013. Our company birthday is June 12th!
Is your logo a fox / cat / underwear with ears?
Check out this blog post.
What's the Roompact office address?
350 N Orleans, Suite 9000N, Chicago, IL 60654. Mail is welcome!


Don’t be a stranger! Keeping up frequent communication with us helps us give you the best experience possible (and it’ll brighten our day to hear from you). Please contact us with any questions, concerns, musings, or feedback. On our end, we’ll reach out for things like the following:

  • major feature releases
  • check-ins
  • renewals
  • rollover dates
  • welcome email dates for the beginning of each year

Wolfie Wisdom

Please let us know about important dates relevant to your Roompact usage, such as days with high traffic (move-in, move-out, RA training, etc.) and when you plan to start using a new feature. This will ensure that our tech team allocates the appropriate resources for you.


Our Community Forum - Here you can interact with other Roompact users, discuss best practices, offer feedback, ask questions, and find training material.

Support - Our email support line is your best bet for any requests or issues that are time-sensitive. During the weekday we typically reply within an hour.

Email Ann - Our Institutional Success Manager is your go-to for any questions or thoughts, big or small!