1000+ Cryptocurrencies

Detailed data of 100+ exchanges updated every minute in 30+ global currencies.

Multi-Portfolio Management

Declutter your cryptocurrency investments by orgranizing them into multiple portfolios.

Instant Alerts

Never miss that next buy opportunity by setting up smart alerts of your favourite cryptocurrencies.

Multiple Portfolio Management

Declutter your investments and transactions very easily! Separate your safe investments from your little-less-safe investments (we all like to gamble a bit 😉) or just simply use it to track a family member's portfolio without messing up your own portfolio.

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Smart Alerts

Never miss that next buy opportunity! Set up fully customizable alerts for each trading-pair on each available exchange and be notified immediately.

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100+ Global Exchanges Supported

Detailed data accessible at the ease of a tap for all supported exchanges. It's really useful to compare the prices of a cryptocurrency across different exchanges and make wise financial decisions. On a good day you can save 20% on each purchase. That's $200 on a $1000 purchase!

Cryptocurrency Analysis

Analyze the trends of cryptocurrencies with beautiful price graphs, market average data and specific exchange data. Use additional metrics like 24-hour Traded Volume and Market Cap to predict which coin is gaining heat.

Aggregated News

In such a fast-paced 24-hour global market, staying ahead of the curve is a no-brainer. Cryptare makes this easy by curating news for you for each cryptocurrency. You can even filter the news by region!

Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few questions that we get asked quite often. If you don't find what you are looking for, don't hesitate to email us at (662) 759-1733


Well, today is your lucky day! We are happy to let you know that this app is available for free! Yes, it's FREE! For the majority of users, the app provides more than enough features to suffice. In case you are an advanced user and you want even more powerful features, we do offer a PRO version as a very cheap in-app subscription. We don't have any Ads or we don't promote any coins or ICO's, so the PRO tier is how we are able to support ourselves and continue to provide features.


We, at Cryptare, value our user's privacy and data very highly. We understand the nature of Cryptocurrencies and financial data. As a result, we only store the data needed to provide basic functionality and improve your user experience. It goes without saying that all of this data is completely anonymous. We don't even ask for your email ID. The only way we identify a user is by a randomly generated string that has no relation to your real-life identity. This is needed to support multi-device syncing. You have full control of your data and you can delete it from everywhere at anytime. For more information, read the privacy policy here.


This app is targeting a very new niche in the global financial market. Since the niche is in its infant stage, there is a lot of maturation still to go. There are dozens of features in the lineup but most importantly, we need your feedback and suggestions. Cryptocurrencies can bring a revolution with it but only if we stay together. That means the power is in your hands, and with your support we all can grow together.