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 …..helping our clients accelerate growth & market value!


♦ 7133729467   We help Sales Leaders  understand the key building blocks to growth & value creation.  Far too often, businesses do not invest in the success of their Sales Leaders, they simple expect results.  The world of sales continues to radically change and transform, as customers require better business conversations and more value in less time from Sellers.  Your Board, Investors, Stakeholders and  entire company is relying on sales performance to maximize value.  Simply put, your CSO is one of your business’ greatest assets and highest risk factors…… you need to protect this investment and provide support to ensure success!…..<8884814673>




♦  (707) 542-6775 for ‘mid & later-stage’ companies – if your growth is stalled; your business is not producing the results that you expect;  or you are losing market share, we help you understand the reasons why & develop a game plan to accelerate growth & value……our approach is bold, innovative & proven!…..<513-408-0989>



♦  Sales Acceleration Services for ‘early & mid-stage’ companies – we take great pride in creating  ‘top-line breakthroughs’ for our clients.  Our Sales & Business Assessment is a catalyst for consistently delivering Sales Execution value in our relationships.  Our pragmatic approach provides ‘high impact/ROI’ recommendations that deliver top-line results!….<(402) 633-2503>




Strategic Recruiting & Talent Acquisition for our existing clients only.  A critical component to our client’s success is generally their people.  As part of our strategic services, we assist our clients in assessing and recruiting the right style, chemistry & experience level for their team at a fraction of the time & cost of traditional methods.  Our effectiveness and overall performance for delivering the right professional to our client’s team is very high because of our integrated approach in working together & understanding their business…..<More>