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The London cartographer, John Spilsbury, is meant to have been the creator of today's jigsaw puzzles as far back as the 18th century. Apparently, he began with a map of Europe that was painted onto a piece of flat wood. By employing a jigsaw, he cut the assorted countries into giant shapes that weren't remotely the same as today's puzzle pieces. The idea being was that school children may learn some geographic knowledge by placing the countries in their proper locations. At the time the British Empire was spread out enough so the expression, the sun never sets on the British Empire was, quite virtually, true. This fact had the potential to make a map of the whole planet with British possessions in every corner. There are such historical puzzles still accessible nowadays which are quite distinct: there are two circles joined at the center with all the countries, oceans and major cities within each of the two circles.
Despite there being some wooden puzzles still for sale, the vast majority of today’s puzzles are fabricated from top quality board created solely for jigsaw puzzles. The pressed board is extremely dense and can be cut into tiny forms characteristic of the common puzzle shape we tend to recognise nowadays. Usually, an image is affixed onto a puzzle board and run under a press that incorporates a large hand made die comprising the specific form required. The press with the die then pushes down with a force of almost two hundred tons. The resulting puzzle pieces have a clean and sharp edge and snap together with a satisfying click. The puzzle is deposited into a bag and any remaining pieces that may get stuck in the die are air blown into the bag. As you can imagine making a die is hardly new and still depends on proficient craftsman to form the dies that have to be fabricated regularly to replace dies that become dull. Nowadays the die maker has a range of dies pieces that have been pre-fabricated. The die maker assembles the various die components to form a complete die whether it is for a 500 piece puzzle, a 1000 piece puzzle, etc.
Today, puzzles are made from fully interlocking puzzle pieces. This ensures that every puzzle piece fits snugly into the right location without any doubt. For those puzzle enthusiasts who have restricted accommodations, a puzzle mat might be the answer. Gibsons puzzle mat is formed of acrylic wool. The incomplete puzzle and loose pieces will adhere wherever you left them on the mat even once the mat is rolled up and placed away. You just take the rolled up mat out, untie the Velcro straps, roll out the mat and the puzzle will be exactly as you left it.
A particular feature of Gibsons jigsaw puzzles (amongst others) is their unique and nostalgic themes. The Gibsons look is sort of specific and their pictures portray scenes from a totally different time than our own.  In order to enhance the quaint look, Gibsons use the abilities of artists best-known for his or her detailed and chronologically accurate vehicles and settings Such as Terry Harrison. Terry not only paints quaint vehicles dating back many decades, he additionally specialises in realistic depictions of seaside villages dotted throughout British Isles. Derek Roberts is another puzzle creator and has many puzzles in the Gibson’s catalogue. His colors are detailed and saturated and he recreates vacation moments taken at British coastal villages as lovingly remembered tourist scenes that are often filled with imaginary scenes. Derek’s work is chock full of vehicles like trams and buses as well as cars and vans all of which are quite recognisable to the vehicle enthusiast. Kevin Walsh is another stickler for detail. Anyone fascinated by classic British cars from their peak will love Kevin’s Jaguars, his MG’s as well his exacting depictions of steam driven farm vehicles and Cadbury vans made by the Morris Minor car manufacturer. A humorous rendition of the sometimes embarrassing behaviour of individuals is represented in droll fashion by that master of the cartoon puzzle, Mike Jupp. Mike's work has been a mainstay in the Gibsons catalogue for over a decade and he has twelve crazily funny puzzles jam packed with all sorts of group zaniness as well as countless individual antics. Not to be missed! Get your Gibsons jigsaw puzzles in Canada at from our website.

All Gibsons puzzles, regardless of the period remembered, show individuals (and household pets) enjoying themselves and interacting with one another indoors or outside or, particularly at Christmas time. Each year Gibsons introduce many Christmas themed puzzles usually painted by Marcello Corti who has become a master of the Christmas Eve village scene.

Whatever your puzzle fancy, it is Gibsons intention to make sure your puzzle experience is filled with fun and memories. Shop for your jigsaw puzzles in Canada

All our orders are packed in heavy cardboard boxes. Every order is fully insured against loss or damage.

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