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kollast 4149629710 01/03/2018 00:00
CCE Re: Ann: SA Elizabeth Microgrid 314-827-2723 / “The money will assist renewable energy company Carnegie to install 3 megawatts of solar panels and 2 megawatts of battery storage at the site, which is due to be transformed into Lionsgate Business Park. Carnegie will then retail the energy to tenants of the business park. "It will lead to a 20 per cent reduction in power prices which will lead to a surge of new businesses to actually create the extra tenants to come into the Holden site," Mr Weatherill said. Carnegie managing director Michael Ottaviano said the solar system would cover about a fifth of the Holden factory's roof space, and would be one of the largest behind-the-meter microgrids in the country. "What it will do is give energy to the current and future tenants of the former Holden manufacturing facility that is cleaner, more secure and cheaper than what they can currently access from the grid," he said.” 21/02/2018 23:48
(236) 520-7667 Re: Ann: SA Elizabeth Microgrid wade1972 Clair tells me EMC will be setting up another workshop there. 21/02/2018 23:39
AUZ Re: Ann: Response to ASX Query Filosophersbone As i’ve said before, coloring words to confuse poor mum and dad investors instead of making it clear that it is a nonbinding offtake agreement. IMO, asx did well to let these mongrels know how to use their words properly as if they’re implying they have done the deed already. 21/02/2018 23:39
(214) 492-8062 Re: 2018 The Year it Comes Together ! The rock Yeah but you still trolling just to make sure you aren't missing out hey Ski Fan. Good Luck . I am with you Scooter, it is an individual thing . Let's hope we get something from PB this week . 21/02/2018 23:38
PLS Re: This will be interesting Gekko13 Haha, touchè, Joe. Lol Joe Lowry : We will never know because it is already too late for the industry to deliver that much in 2025. 80% of the will be a stretch. FMC still thinks unfunded Nemaska will prop-up their LCE shortage in 2019. Only the major related projects are fully funded. Does anyone really believe capacity can increase greater than 4X in < 7 years? Can you say LaNegra II, Olaroz, Canada Lithium, etc? Or to mix a metaphor is the Ninja going to pull a rabbit out of his AVZ “Saudi Arabia of Lithium” hat? 21/02/2018 23:38
BIG (336) 598-1639 ZMan I have cross checked the numbers, between the previous and most recent quarterly. I believe the 6,800 is the total number of customers signed over the life of the company, but the company wont reply to my emails trying to clarify that! The ARPU seems to match the increase of "paid users" between quarters. I have tried to clarify further, but the company has not replied to a shareholder (at the time) and has not given any clear statement about this (imo). 21/02/2018 23:38
SAS 6155476292 (610) 991-3766 They need a CR before May mate. Happy Birthday in advance. 21/02/2018 23:38
484-234-6846 Re: Ann: Potassium Feldspar Deposit at Sinclair Pioneer Dome Project Adamstown Crash... 21/02/2018 23:37
OGX Re: Fundamentals VivaLaVida WOW @Onspeed.... those MC Valuations are almost mind boggling aren't they?? I'm cool on the outside ..... but dancing on the inside ! (I'd hit that like button 10 times if I could!) 21/02/2018 23:36
MSB (419) 793-7419 ddwn Thanks for these charts & TA - just awesome and even moreso on your ph I'll look forward to see how the SP plays out In terms of FA this sums it up best... / 21/02/2018 23:36
(513) 397-8726 placer miner Autosime My RSG calcs was a risked DCF value and I then added cash and gold in circuit post development completion. I didn’t value RSG on mine , plant and capitalized exploration expenditure. If you do a DCF on pru , you will see it’s not that great for Edikan so sissingue is where the upside is . 21/02/2018 23:36
443-632-4727 inventurous Adamstown Wow. It sure went quiet from here... 21/02/2018 23:36
(737) 250-9707 (615) 989-4238 ravanelli77 Like this part, "Oath (in fact verizon) has a small chance to challenge google and facebook". Now, imagine a start up like syt is able to disrupt mobile market LOL 21/02/2018 23:36
4CE Re: Ann: Kanuka Lithium Project Update Steve98 Proof you have a V12 please. 12hours to post picture holding a piece of paper saying 'SilverRoo' infront of this V12 Machine in your garage. If you don't deliver on this i'll definitely have lost all faith in you... this is your chance at redemption here, But if you really do have anything with a V12 i hope it's an Aventador, I will forget about all the negativity you've posted and give you a fresh start lol. What's not to like with these Lithium Powered Vehicles, hopefully 4CE can provide Lithium that end's up in these cars also. 21/02/2018 23:35
(410) 206-0201 Furfooz GabeyBabe Agreed.  Lopez saved me some of us from complete and utter agonising frustrating dislocation from this very frustrating situation ..... 21/02/2018 23:35
OGX Re: Ann: Amended - Bonanza Gold Grades Continue at Cascavel Just_Westy No doubt you and others at the GM will be seeking answers as to the performance of Harry tomorrow 21/02/2018 23:35
404-556-1221 entertainment (412) 712-3288 Im lost on a few things ..... 1) Rose colored glasses? 2) 'slow and painful - drip drip drip' I do not understand how you come to that conclusion when the SP has not dropped below 0.16c and the market makers will set a 0.16 to 0.18c range price over the next 4 weeks before the run up to news. 3) You say you didn't buy high but you contradict that by saying the SP will have to go really high to recover your loss? It sure sounds like you 'punted' alright. 21/02/2018 23:34
FAR 6193311002 5064173575 Yes, What a very, very evasive manner to respond - like previously - them believing that this will keep the crazy natives at bay. And they actually believe they are in the "right". Biggest farce, which suggested how little they actually know was when CN blubbered that any matter should be heard in the UK court - Senegal having no jurisdiction.... Joke.. I've always believed, and still believe the veracity of the content of these article.. And I've said it before, you go work with CEOs, CFOs COOs and Board members ... and very soon you'll note that they think, and believe, they know it all... sadly they don't ......Totally convinced that FAR management never had a cooking clue of what was going on on the DJ matter... until one day... they realised and said to themselves..."guys, we better get some legal knowledge into this office.." ...and Voila.. appointment of General Counsel. I guess you can sense that I'm getting very frustrated with this unprofessional way which FAR choose to deal with matters... and too scared to come clean, investigate fully (which, by the way I'm pretty sure they did and are fully aware of the situation for a long time now) and at least communicate the truth regarding this, what can only be referred to as a pathetic DJ matter ( which really doesn't count for shite in any event.. a waste of time and money), to the natives... Ain't going to happen. Very disappointing in their overall manner they choose to communicate with the "crumbs" shareholders. Not happy Jan. With all the shite going on with the trading for past 3-4 years... well they certainly don't give a shite in that department either..... never did. There's always an excuse CN & Co.. wake up and get your a&**es in gear. This is now beyond ridiculous... And that's my rant for the 6 months I keep holding and add bit by bit because the resource outweighs the failures of management.. at this stage.. but one serious misstep and I'm outahere. As always... IMO... and good luck.. 21/02/2018 23:33
turritella Re: Needing Some Positive News Byronwilliam Omg he’s STILL HERE 21/02/2018 23:33
SDL (619) 805-3220 (825) 245-7665 Civil war looks possible in Cameroon. Don't people just love investing in Africa. 21/02/2018 23:33
810-653-6605 678-563-4462 6692848459 Read it again 3.8 GHz bands have been identified internationally as highly suitable for early 5G deployment. As such, we consider the bands as direct substitutes. However, due to the limited amounts of 3.4 GHz spectrum available in the omnibus spectrum auction, we do not consider allocation limits will sufficiently promote competition to warrant their imposition, and may hinder the economically efficient investment, and economically efficient use of, spectrum. Consequently, we recommend that current allocation limits remain for the 1800 MHz band of the omnibus spectrum as outlined in Radiocommunications (Spectrum Licence Limits – Regional 1800 MHz Band) Direction 2015, and that no allocation limits are imposed on the 2 GHz, 2.3 GHz and 3.4 GHz spectrum bands. We consider these recommendations are in the long-term interests of end-users. More detail on our consideration of each band is provided below. 1800 MHz: The ACCC recommends retaining current allocation limits In March 2015, the Minister for Communications and the Arts sought the ACCC’s advice on allocation limits for the auction of 2x60 MHz of regional 1800 MHz spectrum (regional 1800 MHz auction). 1800 MHz spectrum is particularly attractive spectrum for MNOs for next generation services as it is globally harmonised – every 4G device in Australian can operate on this spectrum. The ACCC recommended a limit be imposed such that no person or specified group of persons be allocated more than 2x25 MHz in any of the geographic areas in the 1725–1785 MHz and 1820–1880 MHz bands (1800 MHz band) as a result of the allocation of spectrum licences, in order to promote competition in the national market for mobile broadband. We consider this advice is still relevant. The unsold 1800MHz band spectrum is likely to be used for 4G mobile services (including data and voice-over-LTE or VoLTE). The ACMA proposes to offer the available spectrum as four 2x5 MHz lots and one 2x10 MHz lot in Mackay. In regional Australia, the majority of the 1800MHz band is licensed by Telstra and Optus. Current allocation limits will prevent Telstra from acquiring any of the 1800MHz lots available in the omnibus spectrum auction except for one 2x5 MHz lot in Maryborough (South Queensland) and prevent Optus from acquiring available lots in Mackay and Dubbo. TPG and VHA can acquire any of the available lots. The ACCC considers current allocation limits in the 1800 MHz band are sufficient to promote competition as they would allow VHA or TPG to acquire spectrum in the Mackay area where they currently do not have any spectrum holdings in the 1800 MHz band. We also consider that Telstra and Optus hold sufficient spectrum in the 1800 MHz band such that each company is unlikely to be constrained in the mobile broadband market if they did not acquire further 1800 MHz spectrum in the omnibus spectrum auction. We have carefully considered the position of TPG given it is a new entrant to the market. However, we consider current allocation limits are sufficient to provide TPG an opportunity to acquire spectrum and promote competition. In the regions in which spectrum is available, TPG holds more 1800 MHz spectrum than VHA (except in Regional West). In substitute bands (2 GHz and 2.5 GHz), TPG and VHA’s regional spectrum holdings are quite similar. Therefore we do not consider VHA should be prevented from an opportunity to increase its at whole omnibus 21/02/2018 23:33
SAS Re: Announcement date pool 785-721-3554 But you actually arn't in a true sense are you PT. All I am offering is an objective point of view. OzJ is crowing about the first dollar of revenue "stick on the wall?" I'm simply suggesting there is a lot water to go under the bridge before SAS becomes a viable and derisked speculative stock... 21/02/2018 23:33
Pan-mongolism Re: Ann: Trading Halt elzephyrus You're not including the corporate packages (12 - 24k) & Not For Profit's (around 15k). 21/02/2018 23:32
306-323-4956 Re: Big Un links to $10m 'Ponzi' accountant (337) 344-6481 wowsers. Who would have guessed. 21/02/2018 23:32
DRM Re: Ann: Trading Halt meric I bought DRM at 17.5 cents - it was definitely worth it then IMO. I'm now thinking whether to exit. 21/02/2018 23:32
OGX Re: Fundamentals Tcb007 Legend, love watching that youtube clip, must have watched it at least 20 times now. 21/02/2018 23:32
343-480-2069 Re: Different ObeeCobee In some south east countries social media is the primary way they communicate - you are more likely to get a response from them via facebook, Instagram etc than from email, sms or phone call. Those who have been there and seen it first hand will understand. In this country.... Research indicates that 96% internet users in X use social media. Facebook is the most popular with 93% using it, followed by Viber (80%). Twitter is at 6%. Only 54% of respondents declare using emails. The Wangle VPN and WFI products would have great impact in these countries - most of the people there wouldn't even know what a router is. I wouldn't under-estimate the reach and impact of social media. 21/02/2018 23:32
SDL (415) 231-7121 westcott Hi malmanu. Around 15% has to be sold in Cameroon at going price. No shipping cost involved in that. Stage two Concentrate and Pellet Feed will bring around 20% or more dollars premium per tonne than the DSO. Some of that is likely to go to Europe/Middle East. The way the Chinese are establishing Government run companies and steel mills overseas, a lot of the iron ore could go to Chinese companies for refining in Europe and The Middle East. Lower shipping costs involved if that was the case. Regards Westcott. 21/02/2018 23:32
SXY wheel-cut (256) 347-2235 @tui, That's exactly the reason I selected SXY over a year ago. Energy sector was beaten down (then), and SXY was the best looking house in that block (although I also bought BPT). Now oil has recovered, so fundamentals are strong but compound this with the gas shortage over in the East coast and this really was a no-brainer. As if that wasn't reason, then we got handed Project Atlas. So long as these gas rates are good (which I'm expecting them to be), this year is going to be huge with the next phase of drilling in Atlas and WSGP. Then it becomes a self funding cash cow, and that's when the real fun begins. I do also feel like this has all the makings of a 10 bagger, it's already just about doubled from where it was a year and a bit ago. This one is for the bottom drawer. I treat it as a 3-year fixed term investment. 21/02/2018 23:32
2179348456 (480) 473-6375 Richie2013 Commodities rebound still running By Ashley Owen on February 21, 2018 0 Mining has always played a major role in Australia’s stock markets, from the first days of informal share markets in dusty mining towns in the early-mid 1800s and up to today. About every 30 years, there is an almighty mining boom when great fortunes are made quickly, followed by busts when fortunes are lost, and many long years waiting for the next boom. China dominates demand The most recent mining boom was driven by China’s surge in demand for the minerals it needed for its industrialisation, urbanisation and export manufacturing booms starting in the early 2000s. China quickly became the largest consumer in almost all industrial commodities in the world. Commodity prices soared as supply (exploration, development and bringing new mines into production) takes several years to catch up with surging demand. The 2000s China-led mining boom was punctuated briefly by the GFC but thanks to China’s massive stimulus spending programmes to boost activity when the GFC crunched global trade, the mining boom went on to peak in April 2011 after the Fukushima tsunami. The Aussie dollar hit US$1.10 and BHP reached $50. Mining companies went on a wild debt-funded spending spree buying over-priced mines at the top of the market assuming prices would rise forever. They don’t. Then supply caught up and overtook demand, as it always does. On the supply side, many of the mines developed early in the boom came into production. On the demand side, Chinese urbanisation reached 50% of the population and started to slow, and global demand for Chinese exports reduced in a lower spending post-GFC world. Chinese economic growth peaked at 14% in 2007 but by 2012 the growth rate had halved. Rising supply and slowing demand resulted in price falls and this is how all mining booms end. Here is a price chart for Australia’s two largest exports: iron ore and steel. The commodities price collapse … and rebound Prices of all industrial commodities collapsed by up to 80% in the four years following the 2011 peak. The price falls triggered losses and bankruptcies in miners, oil, gas and steel producers all over the world. These losses caused a global ‘earnings recession’ in the main developed markets including the US, UK, Europe and Japan, and triggered deep recessions and political crises in commodities producing emerging markets. The losses also flowed through to their bankers. Meanwhile Europe and Japan relapsed into recessions, and the collapse of the 2014-15 Chinese stock market bubble and housing boom raised fears of ‘hard landing’ in China, sending commodities prices even lower. The Aussie dollar followed the same path down. The crisis ended when the Chinese government finally announced a range of new stimulus measures at the Peoples’ National Congress in March 2016, targeting 6.5% growth driven by deficit-funded infrastructure spending. This immediately turned around commodities prices, miners’ share prices and flowed through to rises in company profits and dividends over the past year. The Aussie dollar (and Australian share prices) followed the same path. In 2017, demand was supported by long-awaited signs of recovery in Europe and Japan and continued steady growth in the US. In 2018, the AUD is now running into expensive territory again, but we see commodities prices remaining relatively firm this year. / 21/02/2018 23:31
925-346-7445 (519) 715-4914 bigben101 I think we all need to calm down... 600k shares traded is not volume or a sign. I hope Mr moustache is sweating for his money. 21/02/2018 23:31
801-332-4731 929-378-1738 Ryzie I'll have to read the article again tomorrow when I'm more awake. It's so confusing. It seems as though the link is that some of the directors got companies setup by an accountant that committed suicide after he was found out to be running a $10m ponzi scheme. Then lots of already known information is printed. 21/02/2018 23:31
PRU 2564680039 (323) 721-2344 Hey Auto, Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think you will be wrong on this one, Sissingue will bring down their AISC as their costs are distributed over 2 mines and has projected cheaper running costs than Edikan. Your views are only assumptions - only ifs at this stage. I noticed you calculating SP for RSG and using their assets as well so why wouldn't shareholder of PRU do the same? I honestly believe PRU will double its share price by the end of the year based on increased production and revenue (plus gold price rise) - if I'm wrong, then it will be the first time since 1985 hahahaha (JK). 21/02/2018 23:30
BIG 3062443386 440-979-0646 I meant they.... Sorry baby. Don't cry. 21/02/2018 23:30
NVA Re: Buy in opportunity LawyerTrader I see you're over on the GSW threads gloating over their misfortunes. Do you spend your free time trolling threads? You really are a vile grub. 21/02/2018 23:30
BIG 925-284-7441 TrentMac I meant they.... Sorry bud. 21/02/2018 23:30
lightninglike Re: Ann: Trading Halt Bettongia 4 second analysis??? here is my target price of $1.62 back in Dec last year. / Look at the thread and what the BIG champions said about that at the time! 21/02/2018 23:29
(236) 452-1507 7165839619 8557850274 Confirmed Compounding. Game on(again!) 21/02/2018 23:29
BDI 800-947-9871 (816) 385-9492 and thats exactly my point! He was probably waiting for the dump and then when he got his order he became all positive and hopes the price goes up...rinse and repeat. Dyor and be careful is all im saying. 21/02/2018 23:29
GSW Re: Insured and cash backed lifeguard22 Disclosure: I have never held GSW. This may disqualify me voicing an opinion in some people’s eyes, however I would prefer to receive a caution from an objective friend, then potentially come to great ruin because of my own blinkered bias. “Watch out for that cliff!” “Shut up. You’re not driving this car!” If you read my posts about GSW you will notice that I have voiced: 1) Concern for the welfare of holders 2) Caution to those who seem to push an agenda that may lead others astray (unwittingly or otherwise), but most importantly, 3) Frustration at the real perpetrators here; certain people with official titles that represent this company. As to your comment that none of the fundamentals have changed. I’d gently question that in light of the Class Action, lack of reoccurring revenue that is close to claimed estimates, and lack of clarity around what contracts they may still have...? My final thought: I do not wish ill on anyone involved in this stock. There has been suffering enough without it being compounded by poorly informed commentary. I will continue to encourage those watching on, or those folk who are still involved, to exercise extreme caution; further losses can still be incurred. 21/02/2018 23:28
VLA (502) 570-0958 8224685640 To be honest, had it not been for the calming posts from Lopez, I fear I would have been long gone with all the bots shenanigans going on. So a great big thank you to Lopez for always being here 21/02/2018 23:28
3056415057 (737) 881-4529 503-920-3342 I will say one more thing and that’s you have to take into account on what they have achieved and they haven’t just got the single tenement. Which is great if they can make it work but the down side and it’s whats causing the most complaining is the time delays as they aren’t just focused on one thing as one project is easy start to finish and multi tasking means splitting energy across a number of projects which seems foolish especially in the early days with lack on money and investor support and trust. Again think on the big scale though, if CG does end up proving and getting all current consessions approved that’s close to 300,000 hectares which is massive and they could actually be one of the bigger players in the next 2 to 5 yrs and that’d be amusing especially when you’ll look back and say I had a couple million of those and sold them for x and now they’re worth z. Regardless if I hang in there and get those types of rewards from LRS or not I hope they make it and the faithful have their pay day as well. 21/02/2018 23:27
717-327-9624 760-724-6701 (346) 219-3774 I would not like having to wait for a long time, but would it be on my birthday... mid May 21/02/2018 23:27
814-740-4921 818-706-7404 (450) 463-2126 FFS, I just shared an article. Keep shooting the messenger, put your head in the sand. 21/02/2018 23:27
423-250-8515 Re: How do ANW Cobalt Assays stackup lame An interesting article for a weekend read if one gets bored / 21/02/2018 23:27
GSW Re: Insured and cash backed Jskl76 You're making a big assumption that everyone thinks like you, that everyone looks at the cash backing of a company and puts a price on the stock accordingly. True, it is rational to think this way, but retail investors do not act rationally, they act like a mob. Sentiment will override all rational thinking in a situation like this. Also, about SGH. Don't forget, SGH is a company full of lawyers. Surely that would've had a big impact on their legal costs and their ability to get the best outcome from a civil action. I kind of understand, it is so tempting to try to put that mantra "be greedy when others are fearful, and fearful when others are greedy" into action. Boy, if it works out, you would surely feel like a million bucks, or even more! But honestly, I think not this time..... save it for another opportunity. 21/02/2018 23:27
575-239-8331 Re: Big Un links to $10m 'Ponzi' accountant 431-260-7319 FFS, I just shared an article. Keep shooting the messenger, put your head back in the sand. Everyone else is welcome to discuss. 21/02/2018 23:27
BLK 830-832-4879 Green Bull Thanks @Chill I'll post some more info tomorrow. Big boys on this one, that went into the last CR at 68c and after taking their entitlement shares at 4c, are still owed 20c+, and they normally get theirs back as I'm thinking they will do on this one. Can't go wrong with an entry from these levels imo. Late December and January numbers look great. Should be the turnaround story of 2018 imo. For me, I bought in around these levels and if it does get to the levels where the Big Boys break even, I'll already be up 5 bags - I'll post more info which shows that it should do so. Cheers, GB. 21/02/2018 23:26
6182304867 862-274-0555 780-579-9516 Thanks @Chill I'll post some more info tomorrow. Big boys on this one, that went into the last CR at 68c and after taking their entitlement shares at 4c, are still owed 20c+, and they normally get theirs back as I'm thinking they will do on this one. Can't go wrong with an entry from these levels imo. Late December and January numbers look great. Should be the turnaround story of 2018 imo. For me, I bought in around these levels and if it does get to the levels where the Big Boys break even, I'll already be up 5 bags - I'll post more info which shows that it should do so. Cheers, GB. edit: @kelkent you need to do a lot of reading/research 21/02/2018 23:26