Canadian Pharmacy – The Trusted and Inexpensive Health Portal

Canadian Chemist has created a niche in the market for itself over the past few years. Many ALL-American customers have turned to Canadian Pharmacies because of the ease and affordability of Canadian pharmacy drugs. Over 50 million Americans lack adequate medical coverage. Prescription medication costs in the US are much higher than those of most other countries. This can often make it impossible to afford healthcare coverage. Canadian pharmacies are the preferred destination for prescription medication.
These pharmacy companies are based in Western Canada. The industry provides bread and butter to over 7000 people. These statistics might not seem overwhelming but the amount of customers it provides health care for is quite significant. Nearly 2 million Americans are served by these online drug shops, and that includes residents of the United States who don’t have insurance.

However, Canadian patients may not be able to find the exact same brand of medicine as those in the US. Sometimes, a US citizen might find a generic drug that can only be found in Canada. It is better to use FDA-approved generic drugs within the US in such cases. There are still costs to Canada for illegal cross-border drug trade.

The US ALL policy prohibits bulk import of Canadian drugs. However, the government does not generally prosecute individuals who purchase small amounts of drugs for personal use.

canadian pharmacy Typically the probability of INDIVIDUALS drug prices complementing their Canadian counterpart is incredibly low and even it appears that Canadian Drug Chemist will flourish in typically the US in near future. This is because Canadian pharmacy medicines aren’t Authorized, but they have the same ideals as FDA. It is better to speak with someone who has more knowledge about Canadian pharmacies.